Canadian Beaver Tales

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Babes of Paliament hill
Who says you have to be ugly to be a Woman on the Hill.
We have compiled a list of Canada's sexiest women who sit in Parliament. And before you get your shorts in an uproar we agree most of them have much more that just looks but if you are a Male MP sitting around listening to boring Stephan Harper what else is there to do other than check out the sexy women in the Chamber. so here are our nominees.
PS. We tried to find a sexy NDP Member but it seems today Socialism has no place for sexy women. Maybe that is why Jack Layton brought along his wife from Toronto

Doris Day: So as not to be accused of sexism Doris Stockboy Day old blue eyes himself is our nominee for Queen for the Day. It is rumoured that Day spends most of his time wishing he could have hung on to his leadership and maybe it might be him at the helm instead of Heir Harper. Oh well Doris tough luck to you .......

Rury Dhalla. My personal choice for sexiest woman on the Hill with Helena a close second and Rona nipping at her heals.

Josée Verner: Une Belle fille francais. Josee adds some spice to the Conservative hang em high group and does so with a great deal of sexy and class.

Helena Guergis: Certainly one of the sexiest women on the Hill and she sitteth right near his holyness the Prime Minister. We wonder if Sir Harper ever has lustfull thoughts.

Sexy Rona Ambrose. Ok she wasnt much of an Enviroment Minister. Harper used her and tossed her away like an old used shoe. But sexy, this gal could almost make me cross the floor. Did anyone watch her with Rick Mercer? She flirted and flitted her time away with shameless abandon.

Belinda babe, who hasnt heard of Belinda. Canada's Madonna of the Hill, rich, sexy, companion to so many famous guys, Bill Clinton. Peter Mckay, Ti Domi just to name a few. A former Conservative now a reborn Liberal. Who knows where she might end up....

BC Liberals do Green Flip

British Columbia Liberals have followed the lead of Conservative Guru Prime Minister Harper and woke up green one carbon hazed day. During the speach from the throne today the Government pledged to reduce greenhouse gases to an undisclosed level and announced a plan to double the number of social housing units built this year. Which will be easy to do since they haven't built any units in five years. It
was unclear if the Federal NDP under Jack Layton will cozy up to the BC liberals in the way he has done with the Federal Conservatives.

NDP Plans to Sleep during legislative session

BC's Provincial New Democrats today promised to sleep during the entire session. Bothered by rumours that they had been far too silent in previous sessions the NDP has promised to sleep this time in order to explain the silence coming from Members. They did pledge however to wake up in time for discussion of raises which is due for debate this session. In a previous session it will be remembered that this was the only issue that James and her gang could side with the government on. The raises were later canceled due to public outcry.

Castro Alive and living in Iraq.
US Grand Wizard George Bush today revealed that Castro has fled Cuba and is now living in Iraq. Bush has vowed to bomb the hell out of that heathen country and hang him from the highest tree, or missle silo or anything else we can find. In other news from Iraq the former Cuban dictator refused to comment on rumours he fathered the baby of Anna Nicole Smith

Harper and Charest cuddle up. Layton fuming.

Canadian Prime Minister Harper and Quebec Premier Charest were seen today being very friendly some suggested they were playing footsies under the table. Meanwhile NDP leader Jack Layton is feeling like a jilted lover. Layton it will be remembered has fallen over himself trying to prop up Harper and now he is having to take a serious look at his former actions. I feel so cheap and used said Layton in a private interview. Said Layton this may be the end of a wonderful marriage albeit a same sex one which Harper claims to oppose.

A group of Protestant women visited a rural Quebec town Sunday to try to dispel myths about the Protestant faith after Hérouxville adopted a controversial code of norms aimed at immigrants. Group spokesperson Susan Odonell promised that they would curb any plans to keep slaves stone unclean women in public or do any other such thing to alarm the villages mostly Catholic community. The group and townsfolk however did agree that no man should lay with another man and that Jewish Christ murderers would not be welcome.